Ionescu lab

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Ionescu lab

The experimental and in vitro testing of this novel device took place inand in MarchIonescu began, for the first time, the implantation of the pericardial valve in all three cardiac positions in humans. Between and the valves had been made in Ionescu's own hospital laboratory. Throughout these five years of usage in patients the performance of the pericardial valve was thoroughly evaluated. The results showed that this original valve exhibited the best haemodynamic performance, at rest and during exercise, [3] when compared with the reported results of all other artificial valves in existence.

It demonstrated a very low risk of embolisation even in the absence of long term anticoagulation treatment of the patients. The durability of the valve was good at 5 years of follow-up. Based on these results, the Shiley Laboratory in Irvine, California, began to manufacture this valve and to distribute it worldwide under the name of the 'Ionescu - Shiley Pericardial Xenograft. From onwards a series of modifications were made in order to improve the qualities and the performance of the pericardial xenograft.

The selection and preparation of the bovine pericardium were standardised and rigorously controlled.

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For tissue fixation at zero pressure a solution of 0. It contained an optimal proportion of monomers and polymers and an ideal cross-link density was obtained by controlling the concentration and the pH of the solution as well as its temperature and exposure time of the tissue to its action.

The thickness and pliability of the pericardium were standardized and the direction of macroscopically visible fibres matched for each three cusps of a particular valve. The supporting stent was changed. The titanium was replaced with machined Delrin which is an acetyl homopolymer with low 'creep' properties due to a stable molecular memory.

It is flexible and shock absorbent, essential qualities for a tissue heart valve support. This new stent contained a radio-opaque marker at its base for easy identification.

The contour of the scalloped posts was modified and the height of the stent reduced. The entire Delrin structure was covered with seamless Dacron velour and at a later stage, the margins of the scalloped edges were covered with a thin layer of pericardium in an attempt to prevent or reduce the abrasion of the leaflets when in contact with this margin during valve closure.

The sewing rim was bolstered for better and safer attachment to the heart annuli and its shape was anatomically contoured into two different configurations to better fit in the aortic and the atrio-ventricular positions.

Two other additions were made: an integral valve holder which prevents the touching of the valve's cusps, and a 'freeze-watch' indicator as a safe—guard against exposing the valves during transportation or storage at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius. The geometry of the valve was slightly modified due to changes in the shape of the stent and by removing the outside plegets around the posts.

This gave a more streamlined shape of the whole structure.

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These modifications had been progressively introduced and all of them were incorporated in the 'Ionescu - Shiley Low Profile Pericardial Xenograft' valve, which became available in Approximatelypericardial valves manufactured by Shiley Laboratories were distributed around the world between and and it is presumed that most of them were implanted in patients.

The appropriation and organisation of this enormous material and the classification and interpretation of data has been a very difficult and complex task, especially because - contrary to what it is claimed - there remains a great deal of variation in standards of reporting in all essential chapters of a scientific work.

In some cases it is quite impossible to follow such standards as it will be described later. Despite all these difficulties and impediments, a general view of the performance of the pericardial valve as close to reality as possible could be obtained. One should however keep in mind that any single investigator should resist the temptation to write a review of such a complex matter as tissue heart valves, and to cover the subject completely and fairly. One should also remember that if we study complex and variable conditions, averages must be rejected because they confuse while aiming to unify, and distort while aiming to simplify.

From the material available it is evident that the reported hospital mortality and, up to a certain point, late mortality are similar among the various publications of different authors, and do not directly reflect on the quality of the valve used.

The Ionescu pericardial valve had a large central opening almost equal with the inner surface area of the supporting stent. This, plus the pliability of the pericardial tissue, confer this valve exceptional hydraulic qualities. Haemodynamic studies by several authors [3] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] investigating patients with pericardial valves demonstrated that in all respects the haemodynamic function of this valve is superior to that reported for the porcine valves and, generally speaking, equal to that of the best mechanical prostheses.

The haemodynamic results reported by other investigators are very similar to those by Tandon's group. Some authors stressed the advantage of very low pressure gradients across small pericardial valves viz: 17, 19 and 21mm diameter for implantation in small aortic roots without the need of complex surgical techniques for root enlargement. Tandon and associates [10] [11] performed pre- and postoperative haemodynamic investigations at rest and during exercise in patients.

There were 51 with aortic valve replacement, 44 with mitral replacement, 3 with tricuspid and 12 who received multiple valve replacement.His interest in heart surgery covered several aspects of this specialty. Marian Ionescu's entire medical career was dominated by scientific curiosity and a persistent desire and ability to make progress by creating change, by discovering the unknown, by improving the known and by inventing what he thought would be useful.

In in Cleveland, at Dr Kolff's impulse, he created the first 'single leaflet aortic valve' out of polyurethane. This device never went beyond the experimental stage due to clot formation. During and in Romania, he conducted, with his team, extensive experimental and clinical work on the physiology of organisms under deep hypothermiawith the aid of extracorporeal circulation, in animals and in man. At Leeds Ionescu designed, created and implanted in the mitral position in humans, for the first time ever, porcine aortic valves attached to a Teflon cloth collar, starting in February With various modifications and improvements, these stent mounted valves had been implanted in 87 patients between February and March All these valves were treated with formaldehyde and this was the main reason for their limited durability.

Using autologous fascia lata tissue the fibrous membrane which covers the outside aspect of the thigh muscles taken from the patient and used to construct the valve during the operation by mounting the living fascia on a Dacron-covered titanium frame in the shape of a three cusp valve.

This procedure of valve construction and implantation had been used in many centres in the world for about three years until it was realised that fascia lata did not perform well over longer periods of time in the high pressure environment of the left heart.

These valves became incompetent after various durations after implantation — from 3 to 12 years. However, two important facts were established by the use of such valves. The haemodynamic performance in both mitral and aortic positions was superior to all known artificial heart valves and that the risk of thrombosis and embolisation was minimal when compared with mechanical valves. In his continuous search for the 'Holy Grail', Ionescu experimented with valves made from bovine pericardium the membrane which surrounds the heart treated with glutaraldehyde and mounted on a Dacron covered titanium frame.

In March Ionescu began the clinical implantation, for the first time, of this original device. The results were very encouraging. In Shiley Laboratory in California began to manufacture and to distribute worldwide this valve under the name of 'Ionescu—Shiley Pericardial Xenograft'. Its use by Ionescu and many other surgeons demonstrated very good performance in all aspects until 6 to 10 years post-operatively when signs of malfunction appeared progressively in younger patients and some of the valves had to be removed and replaced.

Although a small percentage of the pericardial valves continued to function normally for up to 26 years post-implantation, the majority of them had to be replaced between 6 and 14 years, and a few some time later. In the mid-eighties Shiley Company was acquired by the drug laboratory Pfizer. At around that time a series of severe problems were encountered with the mechanical Bjork—Shiley valve.

Some 10 years after the creation of the pericardial valve by Ionescu, and its use by numerous surgeons [16] and after having demonstrated its excellent haemodynamic performance and the reduced propensity for thrombo-embolism, other companies began manufacturing and distributing a plethora of rather similar pericardial valves. However, a correct comparison between these two valves cannot be made because the Ionescu valve had been used by most surgeons in patients of all age groups and mostly younger than 65 years, as was the custom in the Seventies and Eighties.

The Edwards valve, on the other hand, is being used since the mid-eighties almost exclusively in patients above the age of 65—70 years in whom the risk of primary valve failure is now known to be significantly lower. Ionescu also created the concept of performing multiple sequential haemodynamic investigations of patients following heart valve surgery, to evaluate, in time, the patient's condition.

Ionescu Lab

In the field of congenital heart diseaseIonescu was the first surgeon to successfully reconstruct a heart with a single ventricle [22] and continued to use various techniques for the repair of such a complex abnormality. For the repair of congenital cyanotic cardiac diseases he created and built, initially in his hospital laboratory, two original devices: the 'mono-cusp patch' for the correct enlargement of the narrowed pulmonary artery and annulus and a valved conduit a tube containing a three-cusped valve for cases with discontinuity between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.

These devices were made of fascia lata [23] and later, using glutaraldehyde treated bovine pericardium. InIonescu retired from active surgical work. He practised high altitude climbing in the Northern Alps and the Himalayas where, during three expeditions, he stood on the top of five peaks around meters high.

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Ed Academia R. R, Bucharest, Romania. Marinescu V. Catecolaminele, Biologie si Patologue. Ionescu M. Biological Tissue in Heart Valve Replacement. Butterworths, London.Like Ionescu, all three Storm stars were the No. That was my experience, and I bet if you can ask Stewie, that was her experience, too. After the Storm selected Stewart No. She averaged Liberty fans are hoping Ionescu can have a similar impact as Stewart and Bird, who both needed three seasons before winning a league championship with the Storm.

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ionescu lab

The guard struggled early and asked to be taken out of the starting lineup during her rookie year. Midway into the season Loyd regained her starting spot and scored in double figures in 11 of her final 15 games to average I know I struggled with that. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.

By Percy Allen. Percy Allen: or pallen seattletimes. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Log in or create an account.He received the B. He was a visiting professor with Tokyo Institute of Technology in and His group pioneered steep slope transistors tunnel FETs and ferroelectric FETsMEMS and NEMS devices with main emphasis on low power resonator concepts vibrating body transistors in order to achieve novel energy efficient digital, analog, radio frequency and low power sensing functions.

In this quality he has been exposed to the elaboration of the European Strategic Research Agenda and implementation policies in the Field of Nanoelectronics, in close collaboration with all leading companies in the field. Professor has served national government programs of Romania and Slovenia in their selection of research projects such as ICT and Smart Cities. Professor Ionescu has been the main coordinator of FET Flagship Pilot Guardian Angels for a Smarter Lifean advanced research program involving a Consortium of 66 partners leading European and global industries in field of semiconductors, telecommunications, sensors, health care and automotive, research institutes and universitiesselected by the European Commission as one of the four leading finalists for future emerging technologies.

In he received an Advanced ERC European Research Council Grant for individual senior scientists in Europe to develop a 5-year research programs aiming at millivolt switches and sensors for Internet-of-Things.

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It will meet the technological challenge of weaving together energy efficient information processing, sensing, communication and energy harvesting. The project goal is to develop environmentally-friendly, battery-free technologies for these electronic personal assistants, so that they will harvest their own energy rather than requiring an external power source.

The GA flagship project will show the feasibility and functionality of devices in three pre-defined generations of demonstrators: physical, environmental and emotional domains.

ionescu lab

The applications are based on the concept of a smarter life, e. The project has revealed details about its plans to develop a next-generation chip technology called tunnel field-effect transistors TFETs. The project has been funded for up to 4.

ionescu lab

The main goal is to try to reduce the consumption of electrical devices at the core level such as transistors and nanowires. By reducing the operating voltage of each device, the overall consumption will be greatly reduced.

Pericardial heart valves

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ionescu lab

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SimpleVisor is a simple, portable, Intel VT-x hypervisor with two specific goals: using the least amount of assembly code 10 linesand having the smallest amount of VMX-related code to support d….

C Recon Presentation from Alex Ionescu.

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This includes the source code, build system, unit tests, and product roadmap. Our goal is to build an even better user experience in Microsoft: Hold my beer d.

But there are potential security risks. Title not found Portal. Alex Ionescu You can't tell from the write-up, but portal. I may do a post on it at some point, but as always, patch your systems : d. Alex Ionescu Highly preliminary and likely buggy, here is the initial drop of my "WinIPT" project, including a library to talk to Windows 10 v's new inbox Ipt. Hoping this might be of use to projects that have had to write their own driver in the past.

This is way bigger than meltdown IMO ;- d. Today, we are announcing the expansion of devices covered by Windows security updates Bad news, Kaspersky now has a special place in your kernel. Alex Ionescu I've released SpecuCheck v. Also takes advantage of kernel-provided status if KVA shadow is required or not. Get it at: github. Title not found Support. SpecuCheck SpecuCheck d 2 tweets. Alex Ionescu Just released the first beta of SpecuCheck -- xonly for now.

Please give it a try! Alex Ionescu Microsoft Patch is out: support. Note that your AV vendor must set a special registry key! Project Zero Googleprojectzero. Alex Ionescu All that speculation was fun, now we have a real technical blog post: googleprojectzero. Jann Horn tehjh just won the pwnie forimho! Amazing job, Google!

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